Peony Garden

Peony Garden at Boerner Botanical Gardens   "The lofty position
of the peacock among birds
is just like that
of the peony among flowers."

excerpt from "Peonies Outdoors and In", by Arno and Irene Nehrling

o tour of the Botanical Gardens in the spring is complete without a visit to the Peony Garden. This garden, part of the original design, is located just to the north and west of the Garden House, and contains a profusion of bloom from mid-May through early July, depending on the weather conditions.

Herbaceous peonies can be of several different flowerforms – single, semi-double, Japanese, Anemone, and full double (sometimes called "bombs"). Stroll through the Peony Garden and you will see each of these types. You will also see the best of the old and new. Since the early 1970's the Botanical Gardens' personnel have been carefully evaluation the peonies in the garden and selecting plants with an ability to support themselves and their flowers without staking. The plants are also selected for color, shape, disease resistance and ability to bloom even in years with late spring frosts.

You have now completed your tour of the formal garden area ofthe Boerner Botanical Gardens. Before leaving, you may want to take a walk through the Trial Garden area. It is located just north of the service building at the eastern edge of the parkinglot.

Boerner Botanical Gardens
9400 Boerner Drive, Hales Corners, WI 53130
(414) 525-5600

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